DEGAVER 500/590

VERNICOL produces and implements  DEGAVER 500/590, which is an innovation in road marking paints.
Intended for Type II (rain marking) road marking paints, namely markings that retain their reflectivity even under wet conditions and thus provide guidance and increased visibility direction.
Ensures drivers safe, relaxed and comfortable riding on roads that have been implemented.
These markings are Type II and based embossing points (spots) to a thickness of 2.5 to 5,0 mm.
DEGAVER 500/590 is suitable for various kinds of embossed markings applications such as  known:
– AGGLOMERATE (rain marking)
– SPOTFLEX ®, derived from the company HOFMAN
All these markings are applied using special equipment.
PSYCHRO5Agglomerate markings are very common in Europe, because of the many advantages over other simple road markings.
It’s advantages are:
– High resistance to heavy traffic
the special design of the surface (spots or pixels), gives advantages:
– The removal of water from the edges of the spots
– Excellent whiteness in 45angles
– Long durability and reflectivity
– Especially non-slip surface providing security mainly pedestrians and motorcyclists vibrating and
  audible signal when passing over the vehicle
– Can perfectly combined with other kinds of marking, providing in this way the best results.


PSYCHRO2It’s a  two component cold plastic material, which contains two specific types of coated glass beads and applied mainly manually means and mechanically. The mixing ratio of the base material with hardener DEGAVER CPH-50 is 98:2. It is an ideal material for creating textured stripe and stripe agglomerate thickness from 2.5 to 5,0 mm.
DEGAVER 500/590:
Cold plastic three component material, comprising:
a) DEGAVER 500, b) DEGAVER 590, c) catalyst CPH-50.
DEGAVER 500 and DEGAVER 590 containing special coated glass beads and applied in a special mixing system ratio 1:1 DEGAVER 500 to DEGAVER 590, if necessary preceded by thorough mixing of DEGAVER 590 with 4% of hardener CPH-50.
It is ideal for creating film thickness from 2.5 to 5,0 mm.
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