Company profile

Company history

The company VERNICOL SA started its activity since 1968.

A large company with progressive course and activity, with respect and responsibility to the client.

Today the group includes companies with certificates for civil works, and companies with complementary activities that are staffed with qualified personnel and know-how for the most complete implementation of its projects.


Quality policy of our company is:

  • To fulfill our customers expectations through error prevention in every operational level of the company and to constantly improve the quality management system we apply to, having one ultimate goal: to offer the best quality in products and services.
  • To succeed in all the required specifications, whether these are a result of legislative requirements based on contracts with customers or specifications that the administration of the company is setting that cover the above mentioned. To set, review and redesign the quality objectives.
  • To prevent the advent of non-compliance.
  • To improve all functional levels of the company from design and execution to delivery of the products and services, through regular reviews of the quality management system and the evaluation of the processes.
  • To fulfil our customers requirements beyond their expectations through proactive approach application method, aiming to their satisfaction.