Degaver 600 /690

VERNICOL produces and applies to the category of cold plastic road marking paints the three components DEGAVER 600/690.
PSYCHRO35Applied to the pavement by specialized machines spray high pressure airless.
This machines are equipped with specialized mixing systems, which mix the DEGAVER 600 with DEGAVER 690 in a 1:1 ratio.
Provided however is preceded very good mixing with hardener DEGAVER 690 : CPH-50 in the ratio 100:4
The DEGAVER 600/690 is ideal color to create a film with high reflectivity and high resistance to weather conditions so as to stress the passage of vehicles. Applied in a thickness of 0.6 to 1,2 mm, depending on the requirements and the texture of the pavement.
It is suitable for both road marking paints type I and type II (rain marking), ie markings that maintain their reflectivity even in rainy conditions, thus providing increased visibility guidance and direction, ensuring safe, relaxed and comfortable driving.
Certified according to DIN EN 13197 on a traffic simulator.
Produced in accordance with European standards EN 1871 and EN 1436 in shades:

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