Degaver 777 LV

DEGAVER 777 LV ® is a cold plastic two component system with a low viscosity.
In this cold plastic material is not mixed with a catalyst but is mainly applied with high pressure injectionin combination with the dispersion of specific reactants glass beadswhich are coated with hardener.
This type of glass beads,  has developed the company SOVITEC for DEGAVER 777 LV ® which cooperates with VERNICOL.
There are two types of reflective beads, which are:
TECHNOPERL ® (600-125 BCP TECNO) coated glass beads for road markings Type I and ECHOSTAR 30 BCP TECNO SRT ® coated glass beads for road markings Type II
The DEGAVER 777 LV ® is ideal to achieve thin film thickness from 0.4 to 0,7 mm, certified according to DIN EN 13197 the simulator traffic.
Produced in accordance with European standards EN 1871 and EN 1436 and the international quality system ISO 9001 and in  shades:  White, yellow, red and blue.

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