Delineator Post



Delineator post

Dimensions:  1495x120x80 mm
Weight :1,10 kg
Certificate : YES





Highway delineator posts – impact-resistant, flexible plastic posts – provide drivers with a warning of a change in alignment and tracking of the roadway during traverse of a curve. The effectiveness of these traffic delineator posts has been well documented: they reduce fatal crashes by 15 percent, non-fatal injury crashes by 6 percent, and run-off-the-road crashes by 25-58 percent. Vernicol offers flexible delineator post made of engineering polymers designed to withstand repeated impacts.

  • Excellent flexibility and high impact resistance, made from PVC.
  • The flexible PVC delineator post will spring back after great impact.
  • Micro prismatic reflectors make the flexible PVC delineator post’s reflective lightness equal to diamond grade reflective lightness.
  • Special UV coated on the lens of the flexible PVC delineator post can bear against ultra violet ray. Moreover,
    the UV coating of the flexible PVC delineator post guarantees excellent color fastness and will help long lasting reflection.
  • Reflectors of the flexible PVC delineator post are firmly connected on the bracket by rivets.
  • The flexible PVC delineator post’s can work normally in bad weather such as rain and ice.
  • The flexible PVC delineator post is easy to install and require little maintenance.
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