Delineator type 60









Colour:  Traffic white
Type : RA1 colour red/white
Height : 1.000 mm ,width 250 mm
Sides: double-sided
Material : HDPE
Weight: 2,70 kg
Height: 1.300 mm
Width : 60 mm
Length : 290 mm

Product Information

The Delineator is perfect for use in a number of areas where traffic cones or other types of cones may be needed.
With a highly visible design, these delineators are perfect for use instead of normal traffic cones. Almost a metre in height,
these delineators are perfect for use in all kinds of conditions and can be used in places such as car parks, factories etc.

These delineators are easily transported and can be moved easily when they are needed.

The delineator key features

The bright design of these delineators along with the added height ensures that they can be seen by all pedestrians and motorists in the areas,
making them excellent for use as a deterrent to unauthorised entry into unsafe areas etc.

The addition of the weighted base ensures that these delineators will remain in place at all times making them perfect for use in windy or blustery conditions outdoors.

They also come with a handle built into the top of the product which allows the user to simply pick it up and move it if necessary.
This also makes them ideal for storage purposes or placing into the back of a van if they need to be transported elsewhere.

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