FieldLazer ES100 battery-powered airless field striper




FieldLazer ES100

With its battery-powered simplicity combined with Graco’s professional, paint-saving high-pressure technology, the FieldLazer ES 100 is the preferred choice for experienced field maintenance professionals.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, the FieldLazer ES100 field marker uses airless spray technology that allows for faster application speeds, less paint usage and brighter lines





High level of comfort

  • No engine noise, exhaust fumes or vibration
  • Complete your job with improved jobsite conditions without interruption
  • Walk behind, not besides, the unit while spraying
  • Easy reach handlebar controls for reduced user fatigue
  • An exclusive tall wheel design to roll easily over rough terrain

Quality by design

  • Superior airless technology leads to brighter and durable lines
  • A field proven design with the ProXChange power-piston pump reducing downtime and offering a no-tools quick repair in the field
  • The ability to spray all type of paints straight from the bucket

Low consumption rate

  • Capable of spraying 3-4 L of paint per football field
  • Delivered complete with 2 DEWalt® 6.0 Ah FlexVolt® batteries, which offers continuous stencilling and striping up to 5 football fields
  • The fan-cooled fast charger recharges the battery in under 60 minutes
  • Return all material from the hose for minimal waste after every job

Increase your speed

  • Airless spraying is faster leading to max. performance & unmatched productivity
  • Push to prime and InstaClean & gun filters for low maintenance
  • Compact and easy transport with the fold-down handle design
  • Stencil work is easily possible
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