LineLazer V 200HS

LineLazer V200HS
LineLazer V200HS

LineLazer 200HS


Hydraulic marking unit.

The LineLazer 200HS is the ultimate hydraulic marking unit that can handle even the
toughest jobs. It is ideal for professional line contractors who want high and consistent
performance on a daily basis from a reliable hydraulic machine with proven power. Nothing
can go wrong with the LineLazer 130HS!

The Graco LineLazer 200HS is the go-to machine for requirements delineation work. It has an
innovative system with hydraulic transmission of the pump, thus reducing vibrations. It can
be applied with one or two guns and is ideal for parking lots, shopping centers, schools,
sports facilities, cycle paths, leisure parks, squares, urban and rural roads, airports, ports,
etc. It is generally the ideal solution for contractors undertaking medium-scale jobs. The
main features of the LineLazer 130HS are:

  •  EasyMark Arming Adjustment System – Simple guide and gun placement system to
    allow them to be perfectly adjusted every time
  •  Large capacity cooling system – Keeps the system cool
  •  Storage – Storage space for injectors, butterflies and miscellaneous items
  •  DualComfort Bar Handle System – Fits all users and is easy to adjust
  •  Front Wheel EZ Align System – Intuitive design to keep unit heading straight
  •  Quick Select Gun Selector – Special Lever for easy and direct handling of pistols
  •  Honda Engine – Excellent power and proven reliability
  •  Durability Paint Pump – Industry leading performance and proven design with 25
    years of success

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