From the trends of the ecology of the modern society is VERNICOL not absent.
So, true to the ecological trends, produces HIDROCRYL RMP-65.
This product is widely used and applied by all types of machines hatch.
It’s an ecological water based road marking paint, free of lead and aromatics, which is distinguished by its fast drying and high whiteness.
Recommended markings for highways, parking lots, runways and is ideal for very fresh asphalt that require immediate striping and quick drying.
Used mainly for Type I markings but may be applied also to Type II markings, but in this case requires the use of special glass beads.
Material is certified on a traffic simulator in accordance with DIN EN 13197, produced according the international quality system ELOT EN 9001, in the shades: White, Yellow, Red, Blue and packaged in containers of 30kg.

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