LineDriver ES Ride-On System




LineDriver ES

The Graco LineDriver ES is the quietest, most innovative, user-friendly ride-on system. Simply connect the LineDriver ES to your LineLazer ES striper to double your striping productivity on any indoor or outdoor job without the engine noise, vibration or fumes.






High-speed production efficiency

  • 16 kph (10 mph) maximum speed
  • 10-14 hours of run time

Quiet, reliable power

  • Three maintenance-free 24 V, 50 Ah lithium batteries
  • Up to 4000 recharges
  • Bluetooth monitoring via smartphone app
  • 3 year warranty

ExactMil speed control

  • Fix your speed for guaranteed perfect and consistent lines every time
  • Exactly meet the mil thickness requirement resulting in quality work with no wasted paint
  • Speed boost mode allows for faster speeds between lines to increase your productivity

Superior control and extended run-time

  • Performance and feel of a gas-powered LineDriver
  • Regenerative braking recharges batteries to extend run-time
  • Eco-mode allows for 14 full hours of run time and precise control at low speeds

Simple, plug-in charging

  • Onboard 230 to 24 V charger
  • A longer battery life with an extended battery-tender feature

Easy accessory charging

  • Dedicated 12 V power supply
  • Dual “cigarette lighter” power supplies for all your accessories
  • Dual LED light outputs

Battery monitor system

  • Displays the battery level for easy recall
  • It alerts the user when the battery is low and requires a recharge

On-hand storage

  • A back rack storage shelf
  • Convenient storage for on-the-job supplies

Technical Specifications

For Use With LineLazer, FieldLazer, GrindLazer
Maximum Operating Speed (km/h) 16
Maximum Operating Speed (mph) 10
Maximum Reverse Speed (km/h) 10
Maximum Reverse Speed (mph) 6
Model LineDriver
Power Rating (cc) 3x 24 V, 50 Ah Lithium
Series ES
Type Ride-On Attachment
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