LineLazer V 3900

LineLazer V3900
LineLazer V3900

LineLazer V 3900


Airless line painting system.

The LineLazer V 3900 is the first choice of professionals for a wide variety of road marking
and marking applications.
With high and stable performance on a daily basis it is a reliable machine especially for
applications that require airless, high quality spraying with two guns.

The Graco LineLazer V 3900 is a professional machine for high quality line work.
It provides excellent and stable line quality, without vibrations.
It can be applied with one or two guns which can also be placed on the back of the machine
to make it easier to draw straight lines.
It has the extremely powerful gasoline engine of HONDA 160 c.c.
With the addition of a LineDriver, the performance of the LineLazer V 3900 is unmatched.
It is ideal for parking lots, shopping centers, schools, sports facilities, cycle paths, leisure
parks, squares, urban and country roads, airports, ports, etc.
It is generally the ideal solution for contractors undertaking medium to large scale jobs.

The LineLazer V 3900 is available in two versions STANDARD and HP AUTOMATIC, whose
main features are:
The STANDARD version of the LineLazer V 3900 features:
EasyMark gun adjustment system

  • Setup Guide
  • Easy operation on/off, forward/backward
  • Perfect spray system

EZ Align front wheel system

  • Keeps the unit perfectly straight
  • Smart design
  • Easy change of direction

DualComfort handle system

  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Easily adjust the angle and height of the handle for a perfect fit for all applicators
  • Strong four-point fastening

Digital display with smart handling

  • Tracks all actions during the application
  • Real time information

The HP AUTOMATIC version of the LineLazer V 3900 has what the STANDARD has and in
Automatic spray guns
At the push of a button, the command to spray is automatically given
Automatic Layout II
Easy spraying of dotted lines
Laser beam guide
Data logging with J-Log system
System for recording all data during application and storing them for the most correct
Integrated power supply system
It has a built-in 12 V battery that is charged by the petrol engine and can power all your
devices (lights, beacons etc.)

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