Reflective Mettalic Road Stud (Cat Eyes) White


Description for Reflective Road Stud

The Metallic Road Stud reflector (cat’s eye) in white color, provide effective night guidance during night hours and in adverse weather conditions. The aluminium reflector is easily visible on the road, you can hear it noticeably because of the noise they make when a vehicle passes over them. Available in sizes 103x103x20 mm, rigid aluminum and plastic for both central road dividing and road edge demarcation, the reflector is highly impact resistant and known for its reflectivity.




  • Dimensions: 103x103x20 mm
  • Weight: 0,30 kg
  • Approved for traffic: Yes
  • Pressure: 15 t
  • Mounting hole size: 22×45 mm
  • Color of light: White – White
  • Certificate: Yes
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