Road Trailer with Signs, Lights and Solar Panel

Road Trailer

Trailer structure: Biaxial frame, drawbar, wheels 155 R 13, support wheel (support), frame structure with increased strength from hot-dip galvanized steel profile, waterproof, non-slip floor plate.  Cargo box dimensions: length – 2920 mm, width – 1420 mm, height – 380 mm .Load capacity: GVM 750 kg

Table U26a

Board dimensions: 2200×3600 mm. The table is divided into two parts (top and bottom). Profile construction from hot-dip galvanized steel. Galvanized or aluminum sheet, coated with 2nd generation. C9 or C10 character with manual arrow adjustment.

In the upper part of the board there are 2 pulsed pulsed LEDs with a diameter of ф300 mm with increased light intensity with a special optical system that
meets the parameters of the lamp category L9H (luminance intensity 20,000 cd) according to the PN.EN 12352: 2010 standard
The light arrow consists of 22 LED lamps with a diameter of ф200 mm with increased light intensity with a special optical system that meets the parameters of the category
of L8H lamps (brightness intensity 2000 cd) according to the standard PN.EN 12352: 2010
Controller with light arrow sequence display functions in microprocessor technology.

Support structure and equipment

The structure that connects the trailer to the board is made of hot-dip galvanized steel profile “L” type Manual folding of the upper part of the board, assisted by gas spring actuators Supports trailer stabilization at the rear, 2 pcs. Battery container.

Solar Panels

Solar powered construction Photovoltaic cell – made of monocrystalline cells, mounted on a rigid, lightweight composite substrate, protected from damage by tough anti-reflective glass. 2 panels with 160W power 20A charging regulator Nominal voltage: 12V (2 gel batteries 150Ah).

Additional equipment (extra charge)

Trailer: spare wheel, overrun brake, tarpaulin, additional stabilizers Board U26a: radio control arrow lighting and pulsers, marker arrow drive (C9 / C10), top board lift unit, solar power Supporting structure and equipment: tarpaulin, opening of the bottom of the board, ramps, container for two batteries, structure for carrying independent boards U27.