RoadLazer RoadPak HD System


Features Graco RoadLazer RoadPak HD System

The Graco RoadPak HD is a high-productivity striping machine with double the output, the ability to stripe with 5 or more guns and many other upgrades that will increase your productivity and line accuracy.

Option HD4 is a truck-mounted system featuring a 2-pump RoadPak HD Pump System with a 1,350 pound Bead Tank, 2 Pump 3-Gun RoadPak HD Gun Arm, RoadView HD Camera System, Advanced Controller, Simple Guide System, Gun Lift Winch Kit, Rear Seat Kit and Steerable Carriage.




  • RoadPak HD 2-Pump System
    • Higher performance with double the output up to 37.9 LPM (10 GPM)
    • Heavy-Duty RPS 2900 Hydraulic System
      • No-stall design provides unmatched productivity
      • Maximum pressure of 200 bar
    • Proven Displacement Pump System
      • Delivering outstanding results in pumping paint for decades
      • Prime valve allows you to recirculate paint keeping it mixed and ready to go
    • Bead Tank System
      • ASME rated and can drop at a rate of up to 18 kg per minute
      • Easier material loading with large fill spout opening
  • RoadPak HD 2-Pump/3-Gun Arm
    • Fast set-up, high output
    • 5+ Gun capacity: 5 spray Guns and 5 bead Guns
  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
    • Simple guide mark system
    • Easy gun on/off
    • Perfect gun alignment every time
  • Advanced Controller
    • Less Setup Time
    • Built-in advanced patterns for quick recall
    • Pattern preview gives a quick visual of colors and patterns selected
    • Export capabilities allows for “proof of job”
  • Heavy-Duty Modular Frame System
    • Heavy-duty steel frame is built to last
    • Simple to add the options you want in minutes – optimizing your striping system
    • Small frame size allows it to fit almost anywhere – from the back of a pickup or flatbed truck to the bed of a utility vehicle
  • RoadView HD Camera System
    • In-Cab HD Display
    • Allows users to see from behind the paint and bead guns
    • Easily Match Up Old Stripes
    • Variable Views with 6mm & 16 mm camera options
  • Rear Seat Kit
    • Easy operation with all controls easily within reach
  • Steerable Carriage
    • More Accurate Lines
    • Joystick controller and variable speed adjustment
    • Driver can focus on the road while a second operator focuses on striping
  • Heavy-Duty Compressor
    • 100 psi (6.9 bar) at 13.1 cfm (0.37 m³/min)
    • Accumulation tank supports up to 5 airless paint guns and 5 bead guns
  • Kohler® Power
    • 19 HP (14.2 kW) Kohler engine
    • Over 15 years of reliable experience

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