Acrylic base, suitable for markings and overmarkings equal in asphalt or cement routes with medium traffic, for indoor or outdoor parking purposes, etc.

It designed so far for benefit included in accordance with the requirements of the Greek prototype technical specifications and it‘s mainly used by the Greek community.

VERNICOL company certify this material on Greek and other European bodies abroad also in other non European public certification bodies and accreditation in road marking materials.

It has been tested in detail in traffic emulation so far according to DIN EN 13 197 by the German State organization BAST and by the private organization for technology and security roads AETEC in Spain.

It has been checked and approved multiple times by the Greek State Laboratory in particular formula has worked as well in other Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, etc.

The excellent quality and it’s very competitive price highlight it as a competitive classic product for marking.


  • It is complied to ΕΝ 1871: 2004
  • It covers the requirements of the 1436, of the P5 class in traffic emulation based on DIN THE 13197 and the D. C: 20091DS 03.02. of the ΒASΤ.
  • It dries fast
  • It has very good retention of reflex in glass beads.
  • It has excellent resistance to weather conditions and the high temperature.
  • It has very good resistance to petroleum oils, salt, etc.

Adapts to low pressure machines (air mix) and pressure machines (air less).

Recommended thickness of fluid application: 450 – 500 µm

Recommended consumption: 720 – 800 g/m2

Recommended type of glass beads 710 – 150 (3GR) SBP3 of SOVITEC company.


Base material Acrylic
Specific weight in 200 C 1,55 g/ml (± 0,02)
Viscosity 75-80 Κrebs unit
Acidity 8mg KOH/g
Wet membrane   thickness 500 µm
      Applied quantity of               wet membrane 780 g
      Drying time 25°C (500 µm.) = 18 min
      Application temperature 5°C – 40°C
      Storage In a cool and dry place for 6 months at least

                                                          For markings type Ι

VERNICRYL RMP 933 710 – 150 (3GR) SBP3
500 gr/m2 500 gr/m2


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