VERNITHERM SLV 100 is a durable thermoplastic pavement marking material engineered with superior adhesive properties. The polarity of VERNITHERM SLV 100 imparts superior adhesion to siliceous materials such as glass spheres, excellent impact resistance, as well as excellent resistance to low temperature cracking.

VERNITHERM SLV 100 can be applied to asphalt and bitumen pavements using conventional spray equipment. It can also be used over existing alkyd and hydrocarbon thermoplastics.

Recommended uses

VERNITHERM SLV 100 can be used on all bituminous pavement surfaces.

Concrete or cementbound surfaces require the application of a primer/sealer prior to striping.




Layer thikness

1.2 – 2 mm

Softening point

> 95°C

Heat stability


Processing temp

200 – 220°C

Flash point


 Drop-on agent

approx. 300g/m2 ECHOSTAR 10 TRM to be dropped on the still hot, freshly applied line.

Dosage:  An adequate film thickness is obtained by a dosage among 2000 και 2500g/m2 of thermoplastic.

Packaging:   Bag of 25kg

Storage:  Approx. 6 months (when protected against UV rays)

Health and safety:
Please refer to the labaling mentioned on the can.

In case more information is needed refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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