The Building Insulation with VYDROTEX SUPER, is 100% acrylic insulating elastomer white for long sealing terraced balconies etc. With increased tightness requirements.

Distinguished by its great flexibility, which allows it to absorb very strong contractions and expansions without damaging the structure, high resistance to extreme weather and UV radiation. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, cement, plaster, asbestos cement, bricks. Maintains whiteness and shows great resistance to alkalis and atmospheric pollutants.

Creates an impermeable water film, which protects from frost and standing water while perfectly even capillary cracks and prevents erosion of concrete. Because of the special composition maintains the elasticity of both low and high temperatures (-25 ° C – 85 ° C).

Is an excellent insulating material, reduces the heat absorption greatly on the terrace in summer (up to 10 ° C).

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

The new surfaces are primed with the solvent-based primer VERNICRYL SBP 30 or with the water-based primer VYDROLIN WBP.


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